Monday, May 19, 2008


I always thought it would be very cool to have a carnivorous plant. I mean, how excellent is that? It's a plant, it's entertainment, it keeps down the insect population in your home. Triple winnah. But apparently, the Venus fly trap requires more care than your average houseplant. For starters, you have to know to "Never, never, never feed your fly trap hamburger."

Seeing as how I have never managed to keep a single plant alive ever (I'm not kidding. Thumb=pitch black), it really wouldn't be a good idea for me to take on a plant that's temperamental and might bite off my finger if I made it mad.

That's why the pretend Venus Fly Trap from the Discovery Channel Store is a good idea, and why I reviewed it today on behalf of Parent Bloggers Network. Come find out more about what we thought at The Full Mommy.

Also, pls note that speaking of bugs, am heroine and stereotype-buster. Last week a kid brought a spider into my daughter's classroom after school and the teacher and other mommies were freaking out. I helped him corral it into a small, clear container with a magnifying lens on top so he could observe it for awhile and then dump it outside. Oh yeah. My kid is totally going to be at the top of her class now.


Heather said...

Not me. If someone else is there to take care of bug duty I'll gladly step aside. I only take over if it's just me and my kids.

Lady M said...

Hamburger indeed.

I also have no skill with plants, which is going to be entertaining given the 4000 rose bushes in our new yard.

Mandy said...

I'll raise your one black thumb to two. I can kill a plant faster than you can say... um, "Die plant! Die!"

motherbumper said...

You wrangled a spider? Damn, you are cool, spiders make me weak in the knees (no kidding)