Friday, May 02, 2008

Haiku Friday: They probably wore Birks

Liberally stickered
Prius parked at NPR
event. Ahh, my tribe!

Jeff and I went to the This American Life live event last night and saw the aforementioned vehicle in the parking lot, right next to another car that bore a bumper sticker reading "Somewhere in Texas, a village has lost its idiot." Here in Mayberry (and in the neighboring, larger town where we were) we are much more likely to see huge "W'04" decals. We had to laugh at the cliché of it all.

The show itself was charming, containing clips, outtakes, and previews from the TAL television show, as well as discussions with host Ira Glass and the show's producer. It did strike me as I watched how much listening to or watching that show can be like reading a really excellent blog. You get a peek into someone else's life, usually with a host (the reporter/producer for the story) that is articulate and wise and expert at drawing out the essential quirks and nuances of that person's world.

You can listen to free podcasts of the radio show or pay $2 each to download past editions of the TV show.

Haiku Friday

BTW, speaking of peeking into someone else's life, I finally saw Johnny Depp the other day. In a framed photograph on the counter at my dry cleaner's, next to a newspaper article about how the cleaners laundered the costumes from the movie while it filmed nearby. So that's like, one degree of separation, right?


Anonymous said...

it's kind of them to mark themselves so you can find them!! :)

Rachel said...

You have to love the irony, as well as the fact that a bumper sticker can so well sum up the driver!
There are lots of go W04 stickers still floating around here, too ;-)

mothergoosemouse said...

I smile whenever I see a car with a Hillary or Obama bumper sticker here. They're a rarity.

But I won't put a Darwin fish on our car. I don't want it to get keyed in this town full of Real Men Love Jesus bumper stickers.

(Johnny Depp photo at the dry cleaners - reminds me of Seinfeld.)

Karianna said...


Husband loves his Prius.

(Real Men Love Jesus? Really?)

the planet of janet said...

well done ;-)

the mama bird diaries said...

Your dry cleaner got to meet Johnny Depp!! You were robbed.

Julie Pippert said...


How cool you got to go to that. So much cooler than seeing Garrison Keillor, which was pretty cool.

I'd get an "I love Ira" bumper sticker but I think a bunch of local reds would shake their heads at the idiot who doesn't know you capitalize all letters in an acronym.

Too many W's in this neck of the woods too, but I am heartened by one in my 'hood, "I'm Far Too Informed to Vote Republican" and a few on the street, "Republicans for Obama."

I don't put bumper stickers on my car, really, though.

Anyway, I think the Forester speaks for itself. ;)

Lady M said...

So close to Johnny!

It is indeed interesting to see the trappings of a tribe. As a student, I was bicycling past the football stadium during a game when I suddenly came upon a row of Jaguars and BMWs with alumni license plate frames. Definitely a different tribe than the one I was currently inhabiting!