Thursday, September 28, 2006

Love *Thursday: 3 Little Words

I didn't have a heart-bursting, knee-jellying moments the first time I saw or held my babies. (Maybe I was just a little strung out from the 44 hours and 20 hours of labor, respectively, followed by the frosting on top known as a C-section each time; but I digress.) I'm not very good at baby book-keeping and can't remember details of milestones like first smiles and teeth. I haven't printed and album-ized any pictures of the kids since way before Opie was born.

But I do remember with crystal clarity the early dawn when I held 20-month-old Jo on the couch, trying to coax a few more minutes of sleep from her. And instead of sleeping, she said "I wuv you, Mommy." Talk about melting my overtired heart.

And now Opie (*because of whose sleep strike this entry is a day late) is doing it too. A week o so ago I was carrying him down the stairs. When I said "I love you," he replied "ah-luh yoo!" and rested his head on my shoulder to show he really meant it. Now it's like a party trick--I keep making him do it over and over. My very own Mama's boy!

However, if he wakes up at 10 p.m. and stays awake for 4 straight hours again, then we're going to have a very different kind of talk.


roo said...

This was a sweet post. It made me want to have kids.

Lady M said...

So darling! I'm looking forward to my first "wuv yoo."

Isn't it annoying that all that youthful toddler energy can't be put to good use, doing laundry or cleaning up the kitchen?

mamatulip said...

I was thinking the other day of when Julia first started saying "I love you" -- it came out "aboo". Dave and I still say that to each other sometimes.

This post reminded me of the way she used to scrunch her face up and tell us "aboo".

mothergoosemouse said...

He's saying "I love you" now? Oh how I long for that! Or at least something besides "Bobbie" (you know who) and plaintive wails when denied Bobbie.

I'm with you - it's the reciprocation that melts me.

Mary Tsao said...

Part of me wants my little guy to never grow up. I guess living with a toddler would get old eventually, but I love this stage!