Thursday, September 07, 2006

Smell ya later

I'll be away for a few days laughing at Tacy's pronouncements and CJ's cuteness. In the interim, savor this: My friend Julie (a different Julie) has written the world's first scratch-n-sniff book for adults. If you need an autographed copy, I could hook you up.

Backstage with Beth and Trina

P.S. This morning Opie managed to pee into the dollhouse. The dining room rug was a total loss. The Doll family has been living there for nearly 30 years and has been through a lot, but I'm afraid this may be the last straw for them (although they have been reunited with their cat).


Lady M said...

Life in a dollhouse isn't what it used to be! Actually, it probably wasn't ever that peaceful. Have a great trip!

Mary Tsao said...

Have a great time!

Poor dollhouse. Loved that "article" you wrote. Sometimes all we can do is laugh... Really, it's better than crying, isn't it?

Binkytown said...

Oh dear! Do they have doll house home improvement contractors? If they don't, they should.