Wednesday, June 27, 2007


HP and the Deathly HallowsI work for the company that publishes Harry Potter. As you can imagine, things are heating up right about now. I do miss being in the office at times like this. Even though I have less than nothing to do with HP7, it's fun just to be on the periphery of something so big. (Yes, I will get a free copy; but no, I won't get it in advance.)

Lately I've been amused by the HP-themed logins on our site's message boards. I mean, these kids are creative:


Who knew that Luna Lovegood had such devoted fans?

And are you a "Harrylovah"? (I'll still like you if you aren't. I enjoy the books, but I'm far from the worldsbiggestharrypotterfreak.)


bubandpie said...

Oooh, I'm jealous. It's almost as if you kind of KNOW Harry personally!!! (If only I knew how to dot the 'i' in 'if' with a heart!)

Lara said...

shamefully, i've never read harry potter. not any of them. maybe someday i'll get around to it, but for now, i'm perfectly content to be without.

Suzanne said...

Wow -- how very cool to be even peripherally associated with the Potter Kingdom.

I am trying to figure how I can ditch all responsibilities so that I can read the book from beginning to end without putting it down.

Julie Pippert said...

Ooooh cooolll...jealous!

Those names are hilarious!

Magpie said...

Huh. You just answered my question.

I love those message board names!

Lady M said...

I love Harry and friends! I wouldn't have guessed that Luna is that popular, but I suppose there is that element of relating to someone who's known as the oddball.

mamatulip said...

I've never read any of the Potter books, but I have seen one (or two) of the movies and really liked them.

I do want to read them with my kids; I'm kind of waiting until J is old enough.

bubandpie said...

Heeheehee. I was too embarrassed before to admit that I didn't "get" the title. H-Prox-mysox?

Then I saw the title again and it suddenly slid into focus. I feel so much smarter now!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

Me and Harry are tight.

Can't wait for the final installment...

Very cool to even be associated with HP!

Lisa said...

I've never read the series. But yes, that IS cool to be associated with such a HUGE Phenom...

And cool that you get the books free too. That's got to make you VERY popular with the kiddos in your life.

Lene said...

I bet it really is interesting to work right now!

I love HP, but I am not a nut. Interesting screen names lol

The real reason I love HP so much is because it has turned so many nonreaders back on to reading. Kudos to JK Rowling!

Karly said...

I love Harry Potter! But, I don't go to the midnight readings or whatever it is that they do when the book is released. I did pre-order it though!

Mrs. Wheezer said...

I love my Harry Potter!!! Pre-ordered it the day after it was available through Amazon. Silly me won't go to the midnight thingies because I don't want to hear some idiot yell out the ending. I can guarantee the UPS (or USPS) man won't tell me who dies, LOL.

a happier girl said...

I'm jealous too! I've had the new one on pre-order for months now. I can't wait to read it cover to cover as soon as it arrives.

TC said...

Yeah, yeah, Harry Potter. What *I* am interested in is how you get to work from home for said publishing company! What do you do for them? Enquiring minds...

mayberry said...

TC, I worked there for several years before leaving NYC when my husband got a new job. I asked my boss to let me stay...she agreed. Besides the relationship we already had, she was also in a bind because one of my peers had just quit!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I'm taking the day off to go see the movie next week. :)