Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mayberry ROCKS!

The other day Jeff and I got to hear a live performance of one of my top tunes. It didn't quite rise to the level of Suebob's ideal (there were two opening acts, for starters), but it was pretty close to perfect anyway. We started with dinner out (luxury in itself), then drove to the venue--a small outdoor amphitheatre along a riverfront, with a concrete plaza/dance floor in front of the stage and a grassy hillside facing it. We parked (for free) a block away. We got there two hours after the show had started (and almost an hour before the headlining act) but there was still plenty of room. We spread out a blanket on a patch of grass probably 75 yards from the stage.

While we were waiting for the band to come on we just sat there gaping at our good fortune (also at the band's bassist who came strolling along the path right in front of us). We'd paid $15 each to get in. There was plenty of food and beer for sale and even some pretty clean bathrooms (no line). We left our blanket and strolled the perimeter of the park to see what was there; when we returned our spot was still ours. The crowd was happy, kids ran around (not ours!--so much the better), the weather was beautiful. The band came on and put on a phenomenal show. We sang and danced and then wandered back to the car smiling when it was all over. We were home in 20 minutes.

Yeah. Sometimes Mayberry's every bit as good as New York.


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mothergoosemouse said...

I am a complete dork because I can't figure out who you saw.

SUEB0B said...

I want to come to concerts in your town.

Thanks for the linky love.