Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wrong. Just wrong.

I have already admitted to name snobbery. Since several of you egged me on backed me up on that, I present the following gems I've come across just today:

File under repetitive redundancy: Bethany Ann Elizabeth
For devilish little boys: Daemon
Rhyme time: Aubree Kailee

And two oldies but goodies:
For crafty crimefighters: McGyver
Call the apostrophe police: A'lyvia

I've seen all of these in print. Doesn't it make you want to weep for the future of humanity?


Mrs. Chicken said...

My husband had a student once who had two brothers: both were named Adam.

Lisa said...

Yes, I know what you mean... It drives me crazy sometimes -- what people name their kids.

McGyver... A kid with a name like that could be quite a handful. heehee

jen said...

Rhyme time makes me itch.

Lara said...

the future of humanity? not necessarily. but it does make me want to weep for the future of A'lyvia. :-P

Magpie said...

I work at a school; we get some good ones. I think my all time favorite is/was "Joeless Pierre". Joeless. Without Joe?

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I had a student once named Broyel, pronounced Broil. As in flame-BROILed.

Bethany Ann Elizabeth? Um. Okay. How did the parents not notice this?

Cori@SAHMbles said...

Okay, I have to admit that when I was pregnant with my first child I had romantic notions that I would name him Raine (pronounced Rain) and then my dear husband said to me "Great, what's his middle name going going to be Thunderstorm?"

So we went with Matthew.

I feel like I've had this conversation before, perhaps with another blog exchange person?

Da' Diva said...

I recently added you to my "domestic divas" the good blogs list and wanted to come over and say hello.

Karianna said...

Oh, I love the name-game. :)

But I am quite hypocritical because both my boys have unusual spellings of their names (Arik and Natanael,) yet I cringe when I see things like "Kaaytlyn" At least mine are conventional spellings in Scandinavia. I had wanted to embrace my ancestry.

And then there is the gender-blur: I volunteered at a drop-in preschool that took bookings over the phone. I thought "Holly" was a girl and "Mac" was a boy; but the mother was furious when I pinned the name-tags on such. "Hawley is my son," she screamed, "And MacKinley is my daughter!"

Lady M said...

My friend just ran into a family with an children named Alaska and Montana. I kinda like Montana as a name (sue me), but maybe not as part of a state-set!

mayberry said...

Kari... LOL at Hawley and MacKinley!

Da' Diva -- thanks and hello!

Nancy said...

The double double "E" names slay me. Aubree Kailee?

I am guilty of not having mainstream names for my girls, but at least they aren't completely made up either. And I don't get offended if people can't guess the sex of the child, because of course both of my girls' names have been used with both sexes (think famous British chef for Mimi).