Friday, October 12, 2007

It's a tur-ku kind of day

Snack duty this week
Daughter insists on lunchmeat
Just like Grace's mom brought

But wait there is more
We must use cookie cutters
To style our turkey

Guess what? Turkey's thin
Rips, shreds, grease on my fingers
Kid, never again

True story! Our turn to bring snack and we have to live up to the Platonic ideal set by Grace's mom, who brought some unspecified "meat" and cheese slices cut into acorn and leaf shapes. I at least talked Jo into storebought, pre-cut cheese but no such luck in the meat category. Trying to be healthful, I bought thickly sliced turkey. Word to the wise: It totally fell apart. Next time you need to cut lunchmeat into cute shapes, I recommend salami or bologna. Just FYI.

What are your kids learning in school?

Haiku Friday


Anonymous said...

So I don't *do* Haiku.....

Maggie INSISTS that her PB&J sandwich is cut into a shape, a different shape

We went to the craft store & bought a tub of 101 cookie cutters.
They are just the right size for sandwiches, since Maggie doesn't eat the crusts anyway.

Blue Momma said...

At this point my kid just wants food, no matter what the shape, size or color.

Something has to be easy about three, right?

Suzanne said...

Lunchmeat cut into shapes? Seriously? I am just not that ambitious. Well, we could break the graham cracker rectangles that I send in for snack into squares, and have a geometry lesson...

secretagentmama said...

That was great!

janet said...

careful not to cut squares when triangles are desired. not that i know ANYTHING about this. nope. not me.

Julie Pippert said...

Hey thanks for the tip. And this helps, considering my Moms Speak Up rant about sugary snacks.

We did, once, have a year of fancy snacks. I made pumpkin yogurt with cinnamon graham sticks for dipping. In November. I kid not.

Un/fortunately we are not Those Parents any longer. :)

Using My Words

Magpie said...

Fuuny. And you know, the kid I loathe the most in my child's daycare is named...Grace.

ewe are here said...

I really hope I don't need to know this someday.... but I suspect I will. :-)

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I remember as a child this very dilemma for my mom. I demanded fancy snacks because so and so mom brought them.

My mom was the easy cheese and crackers kind of mom!

Patois said...

Icky, icky, icky. I can feel the shredded turkey.

What do my kids learn in school? Same as everyone else: covet the classmate's crap.

Alex Elliot said...

I am so not looking forward to that! Right now my kids think turkey bologna is a fantastic treat. Guess that will work well is I have to make it into shapes.

Kellan Rhodes said...

Yeah, bologna sounds like it would work better. Sounds fun - kids love those cookie cutters!

Lady M said...

I have a nice set of alphabet cookie cutters, but I don't think anything would work for turkey slices.

Thanks for the lesson in advance!

Sorry I've been silent for two weeks - I've been reading every day, but am only now starting to recover some energy.