Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Declutter debrief

Several weeks ago I promised to spend my free Friday afternoons tackling the clutter that's threatening to overtake my house.

I got off to a great start:

out with the old
Then weeks went by where I wasted my so-called "free" afternoons working. But I did manage to do a 10-minute project this past Friday -- culling coats for a coat drive. I pulled out 8 or 9 of my coats and my kids' and dropped them off that very afternoon. Very freeing!

Here, by the way, is what I found in the pockets of all those coats:

  • 4 heart-shaped rubber bracelets
  • 1 ghost pencil topper
  • 1 pacifier
  • 1 daycare tracking sheet (infant room)
  • 3 rubber bands, and
  • a great deal of (clean) Kleenex


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I spent most of my 'free' afternoons working, too. Something to do with getting paid by the hour : )

8 or 9 coats? That's impressive. We still have a crazy # of coats because what if someone visits & wants to ski but doesn't have any gear? Logical, I tell you.

Mayberry said...

You know, there was one I thought about for a long time because the last time she visited, my sister-in-law wore it every day.

Then I decided she'll just have to wear more layers next time she visits.

Lady M said...

Good work! I think it's about time to cull our fleece jackets with names of defunct companies and projects on them.

Mayberry said...

Oh yes, M, a few of those went into the donate bin here too!

GHD said...

Personally, I love coats and I've bought at least one every year since college... which makes absolutely NO sense what so ever since I live in TEXAS, where it is 80 degrees right now.

By the way, that's quite the mommy treasure trove you dug up there. I'm impressed ;-)

Tree said...

You have inspired me. I spent an hour on Sunday going through my daughter's dresser and putting aside too-small clothes, refolding ones that she can wear now, and created a drawer for the upcoming size. It felt great.

Now I must tackle my son's dresser and closet, all in hopes of eventually attacking my own.

Suzanne said...

If those were my or my kids' coats, the tissues would have been used. That's why I felt an extra special need to wash all the coats before I donated them this year...