Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy belated

We were busy spending the weekend at The Waterpark Capital of the WORLD so I didn't have a chance to observe Father's Day with the traditional tie power tool blog post. (I also forgot to bring the gifts and cards I did buy along with us so they have yet to be bestowed.)

So here's my overdue salute to the one who rides the rollercoasters, rescues the fish from the garbage disposal, mows the lawn, cooks the gourmet meals, makes up the silly songs ... and never poses for pictures.

And to the one who flew the biplane and plays the banjo and just came out of surgery half an hour ago, too. (He's doing well.)

Card from someecards -- a site I highly recommend.


Lady M said...

I love the card graphic! Happy belated to your family too.

Surgery? Glad it went smoothly and best wishes for a fast recovery.

mothergoosemouse said...

Did you mention this surgery? Am I really so distracted that I missed it? In any case, I'm glad that all's well.

And you're not kidding about not posing for pictures. I think we've got maybe ONE. Maybe.