Monday, June 02, 2008

Weekend earworm

Not my pachysandra. But it felt like this much when I was planting it.... or ear spider, I guess, was "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive replant pachysandra" (with apologies to Sir Walter Scott). After we pulled about 100 miles of it out of our front yard, we gave away 200 miles to every neighbor we could strong-arm into taking some, and still had 300 miles of scrambled, snarled roots to unravel and transplant in the backyard.

That pretty much sums up the weekend (snore. I know), along with a little list I started called "Alarming independence, Opie":
  • unbuckles car seat while vehicle is traveling 65 mph on highway
  • reaches weedkiller on garage shelf, uses it to "clean" tricycle
Tempered, I'll admit, by "Welcome independence, Jo":
  • puts Opie down for nap: reads book, snuggles on chair, leaves room with stay-in-your-bed! admonition
  • reads self to sleep, including switching off the light
  • assists Opie with five a.m. drink of water request, without waking parents
Huh. I now sound like I paid far more attention to my groundcover than my children, at least in the past 72 hours. Well sometimes that's just life in suburbia. OK? OK?


the mama bird diaries said...

I love pachysandra. I think it's really beautiful.

Your weekend sounds a bit eventful afterall. :)

Bon said...

we inherited a house with goutweed all through the garden as groundcover. it chokes out everything else and requires weekly weeding to stay anywhere close to on top of it. it's killing us.

pachysandra is prettier, i must say. :)

and independence...funny how it's so relative.

Mandy said...

I did a bunch of weeding a few weeks ago. Looked around to find Jacob ingesting dandelion greens and Nate playing with the dog in the road. Good parenting skills on my part.

But at least the kids were occupied.

Lady M said...


Maybe Jo could convince Opie to work on the groundcover?

Alex Elliot said...

Now how can I get my older son to give his brother water at 5 am? What's your secret? You might just be able to rule the world with that one!

Heather said...

I am familiar with both types of independence. I have to say I like your names for them.

Binkytown said...

Yeah- what is up? Saturday Finn walked out of the living room and I could hear him talking so I knew he was close and I was assuming he was talking to his dad and found him outside in the driveway talking to our neighbor. When did that start?

Pachysandra. Ugh. At least give us some color for all that hassle would ya?

Magpie said...

been there, done that. transplanting pachysandra gets old quickly.

i love that one kid put the other to bed. that would be a reason to have two. oh well.

Lisa said...

Oh I love that stuff. Can I have some? Thought I couldn't get it to look nearly as beautiful as you have!