Wednesday, June 11, 2008

They came, they saw, they primed and painted

After more than three days with two extra adults in the house, I'm ready to move to a kibbutz or some other communal living situation. Sure I enjoy privacy but damn if it isn't nice to have extra people around to cook, clean, play pretend, and the like. Plus we have time for extracurricular projects:

Jo's new room color,
with (a sop to the 6-year-old girlie) one pink wall;
and Opie's new color(s), chosen to complement his "baseball guys"
and his two auntie-made quilts.

Yes, Grandma and Grandpa put down their crackberries, picked up some brushes and rollers, and helped us give both kids' rooms a makeover. Opie is still grousing that he doesn't LIKE brown, but I do and I am the one with the credit card so I won that particular fight. The fish (see pink wall) had a near-death experience--accidentally poured down kitchen sink into disposal--but was recovered and now is back in its rightful home. As are Grandma and Grandpa, who we'll miss very much, but they have businesses to run and banjos to play so we'll see them again another time. And a month from tomorrow we leave for San Francisco!


Don Mills Diva said...

The rooms look great!

My mom just came today to stay for a few days and it's such a big help to have her around to help entertain Graham.

Lisa said...

Oh that project turned out wonderfully. Two extra people to help out around the house/help keep children busy for a few days... You lucky duck!

Damselfly said...

I like it! The rooms look great.

I always enjoyed it when we had family living with us temporarily. With so many people around, it always seemed like we were having a party.

Lady M said...

Wow, the rooms look great!

Yep, we're happy to host ANY of the grandparents who want to come back. Come back, please.

jen said...

it's amazing what a little free time can do.

i love new paint.

mothergoosemouse said...

Hey, I spy a photo of two little girls! How in the world did they go and grow up on us???

The colors look lovely. Opie will grow to appreciate his big boy room. He and Oliver can commiserate in the meantime (we left the former office walls gray when we moved the crib in there).

justmylife said...

The rooms look great!

Two extra adults in this place would be nice when it came to entertaining Little Miss. heh!

You are so lucky!

Heather said...

I love a good room makeover!

Binkytown said...

I LOVE what you did in Jo's room with the two colors- feminine but not too girly. So cute! And baseball guys- you can't have too many of those. Aren't you just thrilled to walk into the freshly painted rooms? It's like- ahhhhh.

Business to do and banjos to play- I might have to use that line. Sorry I can't make cupcakes- I've got business to do and banjos to play..

Bea said...

You're not going to tell us the names of the paint???

Ramblin' Red said...

Cute, cute, cute!

I am with you on the perks of multiple adults and communal living - I enjoy it much more than I don't :)

Amanda said...

Oh, so gorgeous, love the colors!