Friday, June 27, 2008

The t-shirt that changed my life

Well, not really. But when I was maybe 8 years old I had this white tank top with a row of buttons down one side, in ROY G. BIV order. Next to each button was its color's name in English, French, and Spanish.

Oh, how I loved it! Reading the words, trying to say them aloud, running my fingers down the row of buttons so they made a little clicking sound. I'm sure it's no coincidence that I ended up learning both French and Spanish later in life.

Your sartorial madeleine?

Photo: Paperfairys


Heather said...

I supposedly learned French in high school and college, but I can't recall much of it. What a waste huh?

Lady M said...

I love cheerful and clever children's clothes.

Little boys clothes seem to have only three themes: Sports, dinosaurs, or construction equipment.

I just got a t-shirt for Q that shows a triceratops and the jersey number 36. If the triceratops were only driving a dump truck, they would have hit the trifecta! So, not very original, but I'll give them points for trying.

Magpie said...

"sartorial madeleine"?!?

wow. no idea. maybe my jeff buckley t-shirt, given to me by jeff buckley, and which i wore during all the prep for my wedding. it has a little key on the front, right over one nipple...awkward placement. i still have it. it has a hole or two in it, but i have to keep it.

i love ROYGBIV - i say that sometimes and people look at me cross-eyed.

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I had to look up "sartorial madeleine" at!

Sneakers. I have always loved sneakers. As a teenager people used to tease me for never wearing any shoe but sneakers!

the mama bird diaries said...

I have some "favorite" outfits I can still remember too.

You speak French AND Spanish? Wow.

Kirsetin said...

French and Spanish, who knew? I give you huge credit...I've been taking Spanish for 2 years now and those verb tenses are making me CRAZY! I have, I would have, I had - who knows what in the world I'm saying. But I have found the Spanish-speakers in my area to be very gracious and indulgent of the very white woman trying to speak their language. Gracias amigos!

SUEB0B said...

I am a bad sleeper. Always have been, so naptime in my combo kindergarten/first class was torture for me. All of the other kids snoozing and me, wide awake. I passed the time happily when I could wear my little yellow sweater with the rhinestones on it. I would hold the rhinestone right up by my eye and look at the reflections and rainbows, imagining a world beyond this one.