Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How I met your father

Once upon a time (I'm going to tell you a story, or maybe an LSAT practice question) I dated a guy named Glenn. Glenn worked with a woman named Lori. Lori lived with a man named Bob. Bob had some grade-school friends named Mark and Dave. Mark had a college friend named Jeff. Jeff had a business associate named Ron.

Are you following? Sometime after Glenn flew the coop, I went to a party at Bob and Lori's. There I met Mark and Dave. Mark asked for my number. We went out on a date. It was at a comedy club which was apparently having a bl-w j-b theme night. Every single comedian decided to discuss that particular topic. Hi. First date over here. Awkward.

Still, there was at least one other date that I recall before things petered out (pun not really intended), as things do. But occasionally I would see Mark at Bob and Lori's. A few months later, Bob called to say that Ron had given Jeff tickets to a football game, but Jeff couldn't use them; did I want them? I couldn't go to the game but Bob seemed insistent. So I found someone else who could use the tickets. Then I had to meet Jeff at his office building, conveniently located next to mine, to pick up the tickets.

The rest is history. And this past weekend, we (Jeff, Bob, me, and a few others) finally watched Mark get married too. It was definitely the best Jewish-Nicaraguan wedding I've ever attended. Mazel tov!


Kimberly said...

Happy endings for all! As it should be.

Magpie said...

Who was wearing the red had. And if Bob had french fries for dinner, then Glenn drove an Austin-Healy.

Binkytowne said...

I totally smell a meme here. Glad you had fun!

mothergoosemouse said...

Awww. And I mean that in all seriousness, because you guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved you from the very first moment I met you. With every passing day I love you more than the last.

You are very special.

Marc, Bob, Chris et. all, never hesitate to tell me how lucky I am...and I know it.

(thank you for never telling me about theme night with Marc.
<< mr yuk sticker :( >>
please don't ever tell the kids.)

the mama bird diaries said...

So you're married to Bob right? Or is it Mark? Oh Jeff. Right.

That was harder than an LSAT question.

Lady M said...

What an awesome story!

SwingDaddy and I met in a dance troupe, which was filled with our various exes and their new boy/girlfriends and later, their spouses. It was an odd little world.

motherbumper said...

You're not going to quiz me on that first paragraph, are you?

And I think I like your sitcom the best.

Patois said...

I was going with Magpie, wondering who had the candlestick. Aw, these small worlds!

And then I read his comment. And now, sniff. Awwwwwwww.

roo said...

I really thought we were going to play a game of "Who has the Hat?"

I would have ended up pretty drunk, I think.

Thank goodness it's a love story instead.

52 Faces said...

I'm this close to drawing a molecule of your social configuration lol

Really nice to meet you through Blogher!

And I try to hide my own NYC burb background as much as possible ::shudder:: and no, it's not Staten Island or LI!

Leslie said...

I love how the introduction reminds me of those SAT math problems that always end with my carefully labeled drawing. Fortunately, this time I could just read to the end without having to determine who was tallest or had the most apples.

Jerri Ann said...

Holy cow, I know everyone of those people, lmao! What a riot you are!

Kate said...

Great happy ending! Will I be tested later? Because that was way too confusing for 10:30 pm. :)

apathy lounge said...

Crap, Crap, Crap!! I'm so behind! And I've missed being even remotely aware of your loss. And I'm so, so sorry for that. Really, I am.