Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Locker room rules for young ladies

1. Step directly from street shoes/socks into flip-flops.

2. Ohmygod please wear the flip-flops.

3. Remember? About the flip-flops? Okay.

4. Rinse off under the shower before you get into the pool. For this to be effective water droplets need to actually touch your body.

5. Rinse off again after you exit the pool. Wash your hair with shampoo if you don't want it to turn green.

6. Even if you want it to turn green, I don't. So shampoo.

7. Keep towel from dragging in the puddles on the floor.

8. Eew eew eew eew please keep the towel off the floor!

It's time for another session of swimming lessons! Yay.


Hip Mom's Guide said...

The towel on the floor-one of my all-time biggest gross-outs. Have fun with the swimming!

Summer said...

For me, it's the bare feet touching the locker room floor. I am so with you on the flip flops!

MadWoman said...

I think the towel on the floor kind of negates the flip flops thing right? They're both kind of gross....gives me the heeby jeebies!

Patois said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us a pool of our very own. Ewwww!

And the verification word seems perfect: exuadgag. Like, I'm exuding a gag after reading these tips.

Mandy said...

Cannot. Stand. Locker Room Floors.

or pool decks for that matter.


Lady M said...

Boy do I hear ya.

'Don't touch that, wash your hands, don't touch that - now we have to wash that too . . . ahhhhhhh!"

mothergoosemouse said...

Damn. I'm an old lady, and I still don't follow any of those rules. Well, except the ones about the shampoo and the towel.

Vodka Mom said...

and do NOT let anyone see your, uh, well, flip flops.

the mama bird diaries said...

Definitely flip flops.

roo said...


I think Fulghum was on to something
when he said that being a grown-up
meant having to handle icky stuff,
like locker room floors.

You're a brave woman.

Kate said...

LOL! I'm a total germaphobe when it comes to locker rooms, too. I agree with the feet thing.. yuck! Or how about a big honkin hair ball on the floor near where the towel was just dragged. Nothing grosses me out worse than hair, I think.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for rule #4. But I hope you don't mind me expanding on it a bit. For the love of God I wish everyone would realize that they should be taking a very thorough shower before they enter the pool. And that means a shower with soap, and yes, it should be taken in the nude so that the person actually washes all parts of their body. I've seen women at my gym workout and be covered in sweat, and then put on a bathing suit and go straight to the pool.

Another thing that really angers me is this... At my gym there is a sign hanging there that instructs you to remove your bathing suit as soon as you enter the locker room after a swim. You are supposed to take off your bathing suit, and there are hooks right there by the showers for you to hang your suit on. The reason for that rule is that when people wear their soaking-wet bathing suits while they walk through the locker room it tracks water all over the floor. We've had several cases of women slipping and falling on the wet locker room floor because someone had tracked water all over the locker room floor with their wet bathing suit. And in one case it was an old woman who slipped and fell, and she broke her hip in the fall.

Despite this rule I've seen many women ignore that rule and just track water all over the locker room.

I don't understand why some women can't honor that rule of the gym? A friend of mine thinks that maybe some women are afraid to be seen nude when they take off their bathing suit, and that they want to go into a toilet stall to change? Which is another thing, I don't think most of us appreciate our not being able to get to a toilet while we wait for some prudish woman to finish changing in the toilet stall. It's only women in the locker room, we all have the same parts, there's no reason to be hiding from each other like were 8 years old.

Thank you for letting me rant a little!