Monday, February 02, 2009

Steelers fanboy

Despite the rough start*, we did have a nice weekend, filled with the usual stuff (birthday party, Sunday school, ice-skating lessons) and capped off by just-the-four-of-us Superbowl party. Given that my parents met and married in Pittsburgh, I rooted for the Steelers and was thus richly rewarded. At one point Opie decided to go shirtless, which (of course, right?) prompted his father to paint his torso with a giant letter S (vaguely visible in the video).

*Thank you for understanding my need to post somber haiku. As Amy so rightly pointed out, this stuff has to come out in bits and pieces and that's what blogs are for.

If you ever tire of it and want the more cheerful version of me, you can always read my Family Fitness blog. Just so's you know.


the mama bird diaries said...

I like you, cheerful or not.

Heather said...

I love the big sister whispering of answers. Happens here a lot too.

Patois said...

Amen to what TMBD said. And congrats on Steelers. And yay Bruce!

Kate said...

Funny video! I like the big sister advice, too. And then the SCREAM!

I was totally bummed the NY Giants didn't make it to the super bowl again. But that would just be too unbelievable and so unlike them.

Lady M said...

Never tired of what you have to say - especially these important things.

Go Opie! He has a future in yell leading. I like Jo's coaching too.

I'm getting lots of relevant word verifications from blogger this week. Today's is "joise" - must be in honor of Jo.

Hip Mom's Guide said...

I echo all the the others, and add GO STEELERS! Although I am first and foremost a Packer fan, a never-ending gift from my years in Green Bay (along with two children, of course), both of my parents grew up in Pittsburgh. So, you know, they're a close 2nd.

Plus, I have to have some reason to make and devour those hot wings!