Friday, September 21, 2007


Indian summer
Pool closed, sprinklers put away
Just soak up the warmth

Tell me dear husband
Why it's so hard to grasp
what's recyclable?

My scalp is itchy
Please don't tell me it's that--No,
It's all in my head


Magpie said...

About that second husband can't seem to remember what's to be recycled, or even what day the trash - any trash - goes out. It's astonishing.

Lady M said...

LOL! It's in your head. :)

Patois said...

Delightful, all. Regarding the second: it's not hard to grasp; it's just easier his way. Or at least that's what I've discovered with my intelligent CFO husband.

Jenny said...


I love this.

Anonymous said...

I love those.

Hey, we're Blog exchange partners this month!!

Nice to meet you.

Lisa said...

You are a talent
Your ahhh'ku's? Entertaining.
Mayberry Mom rocks.

Christina said...

Love those! Around here, my husband is the recycling master. He will lecture anyone who doesn't throw their trash in the right place.

Tree said...

Oh, I love this. How creative. To say much with so little is truly a challenge and a talent.