Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Bone appetit!

So, the kindergarten report: All was well. Drop-off and pick-up, while logistically messy (wait outside! no, wait near the cafeteria! no, go to the classroom!), were emotionally pretty easy. In four hours, Jo and her class squeezed in group time, an art project, a story, and a snack (Scooby-Doo animal crackers--Mrs. B. taught the kids to say "Bone appetit. Let's eat" first), plus trips to the bathroom, playground, library, and cafeteria. She's thoroughly ready to go back for more tomorrow.

So now I turn my attention to my first baby, our 9-year-old dog. Paradoxically (and I'm sure this is familiar to many of you who've made similar moves), she often got more exercise back when we lived in a 1200-square-foot apartment. Then, we had to take her for regular walks. Now, we turn her out into the backyard a few times a day and that's about it. If we're spending time outside, she'll run around and play; but regular walks are, shall we say, irregular.

I've noted before that my attempts to exercise, including long dog-walks, seem to be constantly thwarted by children. So unfair. So it was kind of a stretch for me to tell the good people of Parent Bloggers Network that "Yes! I'm an exerciser! Sign me up for them free shoes!" But follow my logic: If I replace my six-year-old (yeah, six) cross-trainers with new, wonderfully comfortable, designed-for-women walking shoes by Ryka, I will be forced to use them.

Cliffhanger: Did I? What do I think of the shoes? And more importantly, what does my dog think? To find out, please check out my review over at The Full Mommy. There's more good stuff there too: a cool building toy endorsed by our resident preschool teacher, a how-to video for dads, even our top picks for kiddie snacks. Plus, we're welcoming a new reviewer: Mrs. Chicken!


Julie Pippert said...

The dog here has the same sad complaint.

However, he will have to begin walking the kdis to school three days a week so happy happy joy joy is ahead.

I'm glad the first day went well!

I'm pleased on my end with how well it's going here, too.

I want to say whew but don't want to attract the God's or Murphy's Law or anything.

Using My Words

mothergoosemouse said...

I'm so glad that kindergarten went so well! Not that I imagined anything other than that, but still...good to have confirmation.

And I'm still hoping you'll write about your former dogwalker at some point.

Lisa said...

Happy to hear that first day of Kindergarten went well. (except for that one part. Like a scavenger hunt for your child! heehee.)

Can't wait to hear what you think of the shoes...

Alex Elliot said...

I'm glad that the first day went well. That's great that she's excited to get back. My dog just ended a hunger strike. Although for all I know it could also have been combined with a strike for not walking him as much since we had kids. We also have a fenced in yard.

Lady M said...

I'm glad that school is starting well!

Q was a little sniffly at preschool yesterday. I think he still need a little more time to get used to being in a class (and not being the center of the universe. ;)

Patois said...

I'll bet the first baby is going to be happy, happy, happy!