Thursday, September 06, 2007 be continued...

Once upon a time, after the evil stepmom had put up a Barbed wire fence around everything, the Empress came and shouted: "I've come to give you A little piece of me mind!"

The evil stepmom, Shelby, came out to see what all the Rambling from this Crazy person was about. The cranky, evil stepmom watched in horror as the insane person began to parade around singing "A Boy Named Sue."

It seemed like forever this insane person would sing and for miles he would parade, all the while twisting and dancing to the song.

It was nothing short of sheer brilliance, though, this Empress, dancing like a wild monkey in an accordian store, waving goodbye to the evil (and I mean very evil) stepmom and heading off to her job as a Kelly Girl on a military base in South Carolina. It was there she was swept off her feet by Officer Gorgeous and signed up to be part of the USO.

It was day by day living with Officer Gorgeous. They went to dances, watched movies, star-gazed, & drank their fountain drinks from the same glass. Then, her Mother, Sister, and Friend came along.....She hadn't seen them for years, and couldn't wait to introduce her new love to them. "This is Officer Gorgeous," she said. "He's really a misplaced midwesterner. We're crazy in love!"

"You must come all the way home with us!" her family cried.

She countered their pleas by saying, "I can't go all the way back to Mayberry, Mom."

Her brother stepped in and said, "Hey, while your Officer Gorgeous has been keeping your fires burning on the homefront, his wife -- yeah, I said wife -- is raising their screaming masses."

"His wife?" shouted the Empress. "He messed with the wrong woman. You better get me out of here now before I smother him with his prized eucalyptus pillow."

Undaunted by Officer Gorgeous's treachery, the Empress set out to taste the world. She believed that life is an ongoing education. Still, she wasn't prepared for the lesson she learned when she arrived in Istanbul that sultry April evening.


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Lara said...

ha! this is hilarious, and i will definitely be following up on it soon. stories like this are so fun! :)

Kate said...

So it's been months since I've done a meme and you have to give me the hardest one!

Just kidding -- but this is certainly different from the "what are my favorite foods" meme of days past. Unique!

Julie Pippert said...

OMG...that's impressive. And intimidating. Glad you did it. :)

Using My Words

mothergoosemouse said...

Oy. That is one heckuva meme.

I'm awed by your creativity!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Love that! But You all are way to smart for me, I could never pull this off.

mayberry said...

You guys are giving me way too much credit. All I had to do was add the last two paragraphs!

Patois said...

Hysterical! I love the threat of smothering with a eucalyptus pillow!